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The Global International Design Awards in the UK are jointly organized by the London based non-profit organization, the British Designers Association, and the Hong Kong Institute of Interior Designers. It is one of the most influential international awards in the world. Similar to the Pritzker Prize, participants are not limited by nationality, ethnicity, religion, or geography, aiming to explore the top works of intelligence, imagination, and sense of responsibility demonstrated in various design fields. Every year, we recognize individuals or groups of designers who have made outstanding contributions to the industry, encourage innovation, inherit excellence, and promote the prosperity and development of the global market.

The UK has a long history of design traditions. 19th century designer William Morris (1834-1896) was born in Waltherstow, England and founded the world's first design firm. He is a highly respected pioneer in design, contributing numerous distinctive and timeless classic designs to future generations, and is known as the "father of modern design". He encourages designers to provide truly valuable and good designs for society.

To this day, the design spirit of William Morris is highly sought after and admired by the industry. The organizing committee of the competition vigorously promotes and advocates for environmental protection, health, and avant-garde design concepts, pursuing the three core elements of art, culture, and nature, and showcasing the characteristics of the new era. For participants, winning this award signifies supreme lifelong achievement and honor, and is the ultimate goal pursued by designers.


Mr. Jacky Chan is a Chinese cultural master, a world-renowned Chinese Yixue Feng Shui master, and a Hong Kong celebrity and wealthy imperial Feng Shui designer. He has served as a visiting professor at the Colorado Institute of Design and Art, a visiting professor at the Hong Kong Institute of Design and Art, and a mentor at the China Academy of Fine Arts. He is currently the Executive Chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Interior Designers (Asia Pacific) and the Executive Director and Creative Director of the Hong Kong Imperial Interior Design Company; He has been associated with Chinese feng shui since childhood and has a passion for Eastern culture. Now, he has a deep understanding of feng shui design, and his brand is committed to promoting the fusion of Chinese feng shui design concepts to the world. He takes it as his responsibility to cultivate a new generation of design talents, vigorously promote the culture of Chinese feng shui, and has always been committed to eliminating feudal superstition. He explores new concepts of mystical design with a rational attitude, making them easy to understand and beneficial to society; He is hailed as a legendary figure in the Hong Kong design industry with both moral integrity and talent, and is highly favored by customers. Many luxury homes of famous celebrities and social figures in the Hong Kong entertainment industry are based on his classic works. Mr. Chen Jie has been invited to give academic lectures on feng shui design in 28 countries and regions, which has been highly sought after by the industry. Major media outlets have been interviewing and reporting on various topics, and have published them multiple times in major business newspapers.

Mr. Mai Haiqiang, The Award-winning designer, is a double doctoral student in the design industry.a pragmatic and composed "space magician" with a doctoral degree from a european university and a postdoctoral fellow at stanford university in the united states. visiting professor at the colorado school of art, member of the hong kong association of indoor designers, and registered senior interior architect. hong kong haoyi design and decoration engineering limited founder and design director, as a designer serving guangdong, hong kong, and macau in china, he continues the romantic and delicate tone of coastal cities. mr. mai haiqiang has always been gentle, knowing the world but not worldly, mature but not ostentatious. he is full of love for life and has rich life experience and design experience, delicate and sharp thinking about life and design.the craftsman's state of mind gathers a bustling city and a leisurely corner. adhering to the design concept of "design comes from life, higher than life", injecting soul into the space and creating an ideal model of specialized and healthy life, one can be said to be a "space magician".

Mr. Gu Yu, Senior interior architect of China Building Decoration Association.Vice president of soft decoration branch of China Architectural Decoration Association Society.Distinguished senior researcher of China Architectural decoration magazine.Member of Hong Kong Indoor Designers Association.School of art and design, Zhengzhou University of light industry, with a bachelor's degree.Industrial design major of University of Heidelberg.China, Lecong cup, the first international furniture design award winner[Nominated by Cuca Polo, President of University of Helsinki in Finland].Incumbent founder of Shenzhen Wanding Architectural Decoration Design Consulting Co.,Ltd .vice president of the NO.6 Design Institute of CSCEC Shanghai Designand Research Institute.Visiting Professor, EMBA EU Business School, Shanghai Jiaotong University.Visiting professor, Colorado School of design and art, USA.

Mr. Xiang Rong, Award-winning designer.focused on spatial design for 14 years, founder and design director of cichy design's detailed spatial design. mainly providing commercial space design services. adhering to the concept of "changing value and producing value", we always adhere to the professional pursuit of excellence, with unique craftsmanship and fun, committed to creating a unique quality space for customers, and constantly setting new experience benchmarks. integrate business thinking, aesthetic value, and technological implementation, drive product value maximization through design, and discover potential business opportunities with customers.

Ms.Shen Yanfang,is currently the founder and design director of MF Shen Yanfang Design Firm, vice president of Changsha Interior Designers Association, and vice president of Changsha Mulan Association. He graduated from Beijing University of Science and Technology and studied at the New Renaissance School of the University of Florence and the top art and design training program in Italy.

Partial award-winning experience:

US Muse 2021 Season 1 [Gold Award]

Italian A SIGN AWARD [Bronze Award]

Brisbane Design Award 2021, Australia [Silver Award]

2020 Hong Kong Asia Pacific Villa Space (Scheme Category)【Supreme Award】

2020 Top 10 Designers for Business Space in Asia Pacific

2020 Asia Pacific Designer Innovation Figures

Shanghai International Design Week 2020-2021 Emerging China Design Award

2021 Baidu Xinju Award for Best Villa Design of the Year

Representative works: "Wei Yu Space", "He Cang", "Chu Yun Ju", "Bi Bo Fu".

Awards guest:Institute of Chartered Building Engineers in the UK President of China District

Mr.Ivan Chan(middle)

Award winning designer:Hong Kong Haoyi Design And Decoration Engineering Limited Design Director

Mr.Mai HaiQiang(right)

Award winning designer:Shenzhen Wanding architectural Decoration design Consulting Co.,ltd. founder

Mr.Gu Yu(left)

Awards guest:secretary-general,Hong Kong Indoor Designers Association (China)/Executive Chairman, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (International) Development Promotion Association

Mr.Mike Chan(middle)

Award winning designer:Chchy Design Design Director Mr.Xiang Rong(left)

Award winning designer:MF Shen Yanfang Design Firm Design Director Ms.Shen Yanfang(right)

On December 27th, the HK-APDC Hong Kong Asia Pacific Designer Competition, UK-GIDA UK Global International Design Award, R18-BAIA Bay Area International Award, and the three major international awards jointly created the 2023 Awards Ceremony and the 7th Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area (International) Forum. The event was grandly held at the 100 Ruiji Hotel in Shenzhen, and the venue was full of guests from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, China, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha, Qingdao, Tianjin, and Singapore Experts from different countries and regions such as Italy, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom gather together.

On site of the award ceremony

The award ceremony has been a complete success, and we look forward to seeing you again in 2024.


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